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12th International Conference on Materials Chemistry

The 12th International Conference on Materials Chemistry will be held in York, UK, from 20th to 23rd July 2015.

logo for 12th International materials chemistry conference 2015, York, UK

The MC conference series has provided a showcase for materials chemistry for the past two decades. Now in its 22nd year the meeting will feature six plenary lectures, 24 keynote speakers and hundreds of talks and posters.

This years six themes include:

  • Biomaterials ChemistryEncompassing biomaterials for tissue engineering, biomaterials for healthcare, green biomaterials and advanced synthesis methods of biomaterials
  • Electronic and Magnetic MaterialsThis will encompass the relationship between the chemistry and the electronic and/or magnetic properties of inorganic, molecular, hybrid and nano materials using both experimental and computational/theoretical approaches
  • Energy MaterialsEncompassing all aspects of Materials Chemistry related to energy conversion, storage and fuel generation
  • Nanomaterials ChemistryEncompassing synthesis, characterisation and application of materials whose functionality depends on their nanoscale dimensions
  • Porous MaterialsThis will encompass the chemistry and properties of porous materials for sorption, storage and separation
  • Soft Matter Materials ChemistryIncluding wide and varied aspects of soft matter materials showing the power of the interplay between a priori design and physical function

Hiden Isochema will be exhibiting at the meeting so visit us there!

For more information visit the conference website.

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