Many of the processes used in the petrochemical industry involve gas and vapor transport or adsorption. Understanding the interaction of hydrocarbons with materials is therefore essential.

Zeolites are used extensively in the industry, for example, in fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) and hydrocracking. Hydrocarbon transport through structured zeolite catalyst particles is an essential step in these processes, and it is an important example of a property that can be studied in detail using Hiden Isochema instruments.

More specifically, the IGA-002 can be used to measure both the kinetics and equilibria of vapor phase hydrocarbon adsorption by zeolites, while the XEMIS high-pressure sorption microbalance can be used to study gas phase hydrocarbon adsorption up to 200 bar.

XEMIS Balance

Advanced gas & vapor sorption analyzer, with next generation microbalance design for high pressure & corrosive capability

IGA 002

Single component gravimetric analyzer, for precise characterization of gas and vapor sorption equilibria and kinetics

Fully automated breakthrough analyzer, for gas & vapor separation applications with integrated quadrupole mass spectrometer

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