Heterogeneous catalyst characterization can include metal surface area and activity determination, temperature-programmed oxidation, reduction, and desorption, and specific surface area determination.

All these measurements can be performed with Hiden Isochema instruments. The IGA-003, a gravimetric sorption analyzer for gas mixtures, allows a wide range of measurement types to be performed in a flow of up to four gases, at pressures up to 20 bar, over a wide temperature range. A coupled dynamic sampling mass spectrometer (DSMS) from Hiden Analytical allows simultaneous evolved gas analysis (EGA).

The versatile nature of the IGA series allows different measurement types to be performed on a sample in-situ. For example, surface area determination can be followed by a temperature-programmed study. In addition, a range of vacuum and thermal pretreatments can be performed.

Further versatility can be provided by adding dynamic vapor, or mixed vapor capability to the IGA-003. Single component gas and vapor studies can also be performed using the IGA-002. The XEMIS sorption microbalance can also be used in the same way. A range of catalyst characterization measurements is also offered by the Hiden Analytical CATLAB.

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