Membranes are used to separate gases, protect products, to filter and purify liquids, and to produce power. Their use is also widespread in medical devices and related technology.

Gas and vapor sorption, or permeation, is important in all cases and can critically affect the performance of a membrane. Effective packaging, for example, requires excellent barrier properties, while to separate or purify fluids membranes must transport different species selectively.

Hiden Isochema instruments can be used to study each of these properties. The IGA-001, for example, determines pure gas sorption isotherms and kinetics, providing information on solubility and transport behavior. For vapors, the IGA-002 measures sorption isotherms from a vacuum, while the IGA-003 with vapor generation capability can measure vapor uptake in a carrier gas. Gas and vapor sorption can also be studied using the XEMIS, while the IGAsorp can be used for dynamic studies of water and organic vapor sorption and diffusion.

Related Instruments
IGA 001

High Accuracy Gravimetric Analyzer, for Precise Characterization of Gas Sorption Equilibria and Kinetics

Dedicated membrane testing reactor for studying the selective gas permeation properties of membrane materials

Fully automated compact bench-top DVS analyzer, For fast and accurate sorption measurements

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