Bespoke Engineering

Design and manufacture of bespoke sorption instrumentation for special projects

Hiden Isochema also specializes in the design and manufacture of bespoke instrumentation for non-standard sorption applications and hyphenation with complementary techniques.

Our in-house team includes Ph.D. qualified Applications Specialists, experienced designers, engineers and software developers. A collaborative approach is encouraged, so please contact us with any project proposals!

Collaboration with leading Institutions

Bespoke instruments have been supplied to many prestigious facilities including:

  • National Institute of Science and Technology, USA
  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
  • Institut Laue-Langevin, France
  • ANSTO, Australia
Bespoke Systems: XCS Series

The XCS system provides users with a unique controlled climate for a range of applications, the system allows automated management of atmospheric composition, relative humidity, gas flow rate, temperature, and pressure.

The XCS is designed to be customized to your needs, it can be used independently or offers the possibility to make controlled in-situ environmental changes to samples undergoing measurements using any hyphenated apparatus such as:

  • X-ray and other diffractometers
  • NMR spectroscopy systems
  • IR/Raman probes
  • Optical and other spectrometers
Resources & Downloads
  • Download the latest XCS product brochure in PDF format

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