Moisture and organic vapor can affect the solid state. This may be due to the formation of a hydrate phase or an induced amorphous-to-crystalline phase transition. These moisture-induced phase changes can affect mechanical properties, cause chemical interactions and alter yield, purity and dosage calculations.

The IGAsorp uses the DVS technique (Dynamic Vapor Sorption) and is designed to characterize interactions with pharmaceuticals including water sorption isotherms, surface area and porosity, amorphous phase content, Hydration analysis, and the measured kinetics such as diffusion coefficients and Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates (MVTRs).

We are also specialists in the measurement of interactions with less common species including, for example, the interactions of propellant pressurised gases with powders and thermal desorption analyses by dynamic sampling mass spectrometry.

The IGAsorp is firmly established as a market leader and is used in many, high profile academic, R&D and manufacturing environments worldwide.

Example Measurements
  • Detect and quantify amorphous phases
  • Measure kinetics such as diffusion rates and MVTRs (moisture vapor transition rates)
  • Characterize water and vapor sortion isotherms
  • Investigating hydrate phases and deliquescence
  • Vapor permeation
  • Interaction of propellant pressurised gases with powders
Resources & Downloads
  • Dynamic vapour sorption (DVS) characterisation and MVTR properties in pharmaceutical materials

  • Moisture Sorption Analysis of Aspirin

  • An Equilibrium and Kinetic Sorption Study of the Interaction of Amorphous Trehalose with Water Vapour

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