Accurate measurement of the transport of moisture and other vapors through the packaging used in a range of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, is crucial to the assessment of its performance under given conditions.

The transport is most commonly expressed in terms of permeability or permeation rate (also known as the transmission rate), which is the measured flux under defined operating conditions. For example, the transport of water vapor through membranes is characterised by the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) at controlled humidity.

The IGAsorp gravimetric analyzer is available with a unique MVTR permeation cell that is designed specifically for the measurement of moisture transport through membranes. The IGAsorp is ideally suited to the measurement of the moisture transport through films as a function of relative humidity (RH).

The IGA-002 is a dedicated gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer that can be used to measure the uptake of a wide range of vapors from vacuum to pressures of up to 20 bar.

Resources & Downloads
  • Concentration Dependence of the Microscopic Mobility of Water in Polymer Membranes

  • A Study of the Solubility and Diffusion Kinetics of CO2 in a Polyimide Film at Various Temperatures

  • DVS Characterisation of Sorption and MTVR properties in Pharmaceutical Materials

  • Transmission, Sorption and Diffusivity: Methods for Determining the Transport of Water Vapour through Films

  • The Study of Moisture Sorption into Polymer Films using the Response Test Method

  • Comparison of Water and Ethanol Vapor Sorption and Transport through a Polymer Membrane

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