IGA Series
IGA 001

High accuracy gravimetric analyzer, for precise characterization of gas sorption equilibria and kinetics

IGA-002 Gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer

Single component gravimetric analyzer, for precise characterization of gas and vapor sorption equilibria and kinetics


High accuracy gravimetric analyzer, with combined pressure and flow control for precise characterization of thermodynamics and kinetics

Advanced gravimetric sorption analyzer, for high resolution gas and vapor sorption combined with high pressure TGA

IMI Series

Manometric hydrogen sorption analyzer, for investigation of novel storage materials

High accuracy gas sorption analyzer, for nanoporous materials characterization

Manometric sorption analyzer, with powerful flowing mode operation for gas mixtures

IGA Sorp

Fully automated compact bench-top DVS analyzer, for fast and accurate sorption measurements

Fully automated compact bench-top DVS analyzer, with extended isothermal range

Fully automated DVS analyzer, with advanced control method for water sorption under extreme conditions

XEMIS Balance

Advanced gas and vapor sorption analyzer, with next generation microbalance design for high pressure and corrosive capability


Fully automated breakthrough analyzer, for gas and vapor separation applications with integrated quadrupole mass spectrometer


Dedicated membrane testing reactor for studying the selective gas permeation properties of membrane materials for separation and purification applications

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