Posted in Events     |     Jun 16th 2015

Hiden to Exhibit at Carbon 2015

Innovation with Carbon Materials

The annual world conference on carbon, Carbon 2015 will be held in Dresden, Germany from 12-17 July 2015.

Hosted by the German Carbon Group (AKK), Carbon 2015 aims to bring together researchers working in the various fields of carbon, and to forge closer links between academia and industry.

Topics are around the theme ‘Innovation with Carbon Materials’ and include:

  • Activated Carbon and Adsorption
  • Biomass-derived Carbons
  • Carbon Blacks
  • Carbon Fibers and Composites
  • Carbon Materials for Energy Storage
  • Granular Carbon and Graphite/Nuclear Graphite
  • Industrial Carbon and Graphite
  • Nanoforms of Carbon
  • Natural Graphite
  • Conversion Processes
  • Physical and Chemical Properties and Characterization
  • Environmental and Medical Applications

Hiden Isochema will be exhibiting at the meeting and look forward to seeing you there. For more information or to register visit the conference website.

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