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E-MRS Fall Meeting – Call for Papers!

The European Materials Research Society are pleased to announce their 2015 fall meeting will be held at the University of Warsaw, Poland between the 15th and 18th September 2015.  Abstract submission is now open with a deadline for submission of 25th May 2015.

The 2015 Fall meeting is the opening event of an exciting “European Materials Fortnight” under the umbrella of the European Materials Forum. This brings together two leading European materials societies, E-MRS and FEMS, which are holding their conferences in successive weeks.

The Fall meeting will consist of 22 parallel symposia with invited speaker, oral and poster presentations and a plenary session.

Of particular interest to many of our customers and collaborators will be Symposium C, entitled “Hydrogen Storage: Solids, Materials, Systems and application trends”

This symposium is organized by one of the largest networks currently aiming to push the limits in solid-state hydrogen storage, the COST Action MP1103 bringing together a large number of leading groups (more than 250 researchers) from within and outside Europe.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

1. Hydrogen storage materials
– Metallic, complex, chemical hydrides
– Nanoporous sorbents
– Nanocomposites
– Thin films

2. Hydrogen storage fundamentals
– Thermodynamics and Kinetics
– Catalytic properties, reaction mechanisms, diffusion and transport phenomena
– Advanced structural characterization
– Modeling approaches for the description of materials and processes at different scales

3. Applications – Trends & insights
– Stand-alone and integrated hydrogen storage systems
– Electrochemical applications: batteries and fuel cells components
– Metal hydride compressors
– Thermal storage

For more information and to submit an abstract visit the E-MRS Website, or download the Symposium C Announcement, which includes a preliminary list of invited speakers.

For more information about EUROMAT 2015 (FEMS) visit the conference website.

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