Posted in Events     |     Sep 12th 2023

Hiden represented at 42nd Annual Cement & Concrete Science Conference

Join Mark Roper who is exhibiting at the IOM3 42nd Annual cement and concrete science conference.

The event is being held from 11-12th September 2023 at Imperial College London.










This two-day conference offers the opportunity for discussion on the latest research on all aspects of the fundamental science of cementitious materials between scientists and engineers from both industry and academia.

The programme will feature presentations from world-leaders in the field of Materials engineering, and an opportunity for networking between materials and civil engineers in this field.

Topics include:

  • Microstructure, mineralogy, and properties of cementitious systems
  • Hydration reactions and mechanisms
  • Atomistic and mesoscale modelling of cementitious materials
  • Interaction of cement with aggregates, steel, and other materials such as waste incorporations
  • Chemical, mineralogical, and environmental aspects of durability
  • Anhydrous cement materials
  • Special cements
  • Cement manufacture and low carbon technologies
  • Nuclear waste immobilisation

Visit the conference website here.

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