Posted in Events     |     May 15th 2019

Hiden to attend FCCAT

The French Conference on Catalysis (FCCat) will be held in Frejus, France from 3-7 June 2019.

The event is organised by GECAT (Groupe d’Etude en Catalyse), Catalysis (DivCat), Industrial Chemistry (DCI), Organic Chemistry (DCO) and Coordination Chemistry (DCC)  Divisions of the French Chemical Society (SCF) and the GFZ (Groupe Français des Zéolithes).

Attendees from both Academia and Industry are welcome to contribute on homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, from upstream research on catalyst mechanism understanding to catalytic process design.

The topics covered during FCCat 2019 will address the main societal challenges in a context of energy transition: fundamental and applied catalysis, refining and petrochemical processes, alternative energy solutions, renewable and fine chemicals, environment and sustainable development including recycling.

For more information visit the conference website.

Hiden Analytical and Hiden Isochema will be exhibiting at the meeting so join us there.

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