Posted in Events     |     Jun 24th 2022

International Zeolite Conference, IZC-2022

Hiden Isochema is delighted to confirm our attendance at the 20th International Zeolite Conference, held in Valencia, Spain from 3rd to 8th July 2022.

The IZC conference series is the flagship event of the International Zeolite Association and is held every three years. Participants from academia and industry are equally welcome, and one of the aims is to bring academic and industrial zeolite scientists together. The 2022 event is organised by the Spanish Zeolite Group, with the scientific concept of the conference entitled Porous materials: a tool for sustainable development.

Topics for IZC-2022 cover a broad range of aspects of both fundamental and applied zeolite science and technology, and include the following:

  • Synthesis of porous solids: zeolites, mesoporous, MOFs and hybrid materials
  • Advanced characterisation of porous solids
  • Modelling and theoretical studies
  • Reactivity studies in confined spaces
  • Catalytic applications
  • Porous solids for sustainable energy production and storage
  • Porous materials for avoidance and removal of subproducts and pollutants
  • Porous materials for biomass conversion
  • Adsorption and separation
  • Selective adsorption and separation of CO2 and its transformation in valuable products
  • Decarbonization processes
  • Multifunctional materials for adsorption and catalysis
  • Membranes
  • Novel technological applications
  • Natural zeolites

Please visit the Hiden Isochema booth and talk to our application scientists to learn more about how our gas and vapor sorption analyzers can provide unique solutions to your porous materials characterization needs!

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