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Hiden to Exhibit at ISSHAC 2015

Effects of Surface Heterogeneity in Adsorption and Catalysis on Solids

The 9th International Symposium: Effects of Surface Heterogeneity in Adsorption and Catalysis on Solids, is to be held in Wroclaw, Poland from 17-23 July 2015.

Geometric and chemical heterogeneities constitute a fundamental feature of solid surfaces in adsorption and catalysis on solids. The scope of the ISSHAC series of conferences is to act as a forum for an intensive exchange of information on experimental findings and theoretical approaches and to share and broaden the understanding of the phenomena involved.

Topics include:

  • Preparation of sorbents and catalysts and studies of their structure and surface properties
  • Modelling of the formation of solid surfaces (fundamental theories, computer simulations, etc.)
  • Effects of elastic strains on adsorption-desorption processes
  • Experimental studies of adsorption in micropores; Analytical approaches and computer modelling of adsorption in micropores: Recovering micropore size distribution
  • Adsorption in mesopores, and capillary condensation phenomena. Recovering mesopore size distribution
  • Adsorption and catalysis in nanostructures; Experimental studies, analytical approaches and computer simulations
  • Experimental and theoretical studies of gas storage in porous sorbents
  • Wetting of solid surfaces and wetting hysteresis
  • Adsorption/desorption kinetics and surface diffusion in sorption by porous sorbents
  • Adsorption at solid/liquid interfaces, including simple and complex ion adsorption
  • Adsorption systems applied in environmental protection
  • Relations between adsorptive and catalytic features of solid surfaces

Virgil Debique and Stefan Smigasiewicz will be exhibiting at the conference for Hiden Isochema so visit them and say hello.

For more information and to register visit the conference website.

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