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NAMS 2016

NAMS (North American Membrane Society) is the only professional society in North America to promote all aspects of membrane science and technology. This ranges from fundamental studies of membrane material science to process application and development.

NAMS 2016 is the 26th annual meeting of the North American Membrane Society, it will be held in Washington USA from 21st May to 25th May.

Workshop topics for this year’s meeting include:

  • Membranes for Electrochemical Applications
  • Measurements
  • Membranes for Water Treatment
  • Polymeric and Inorganic Membranes

Session topics include:

  • Membrane transport: theory and characterization tools
  • Design and processing of polymeric membranes
  • Design and processing of inorganic membranes
  • Designs and processing of composite and hybrid membranes
  • Novel membrane materials
  • Biomimetic membranes
  • Membrane reactors and contactors
  • Gas separation
  • Desalination and potable water production
  • Water treatment, reclamation & reuse
  • Energy applications (fuel cells, batteries, buildings)
  • Molecular separation and pervaporation
  • Bio-separation, food processing, and biofuels
  • Micro, ultra, and nano-filtration applications
  • Environmental emission controls
  • Life science and pharmaceuticals
  • Membranes for devices and sensors

For more information about NAMS or the annual conference visit the website.

Hiden Isochema will be exhibiting at NAMS 2016 so join us there!

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