Posted in Events     |     Jan 20th 2024

We are sponsoring GRC Chemical Separations

Hiden Isochema are delighted to be sponsoring the GRC Chemical separations 2024 event – Fundamentals, Applications and Data Science for Integrating Separations and Chemical Reactions. The event is to be held in Galveston, TX, USA from 21st-2th Jan 2024.

The event is a leading international conference dedicated to advancing the frontiers of scientific research. This unique event stands out for its focus on presenting unpublished research and fostering rich discussions among scientists from various career stages. The event includes comprehensive poster sessions open to researchers at all career levels, offering a platform for emerging scientists to shine.

The 2024 conference is set to be particularly impactful, addressing pressing energy-related challenges across a spectrum of disciplines. A key focus will be on integrating the often separate fields of reactions and separation processes, encouraging collaboration between these interconnected areas. We’re proud to support an event that invites contributions from diverse fields such as chemistry, engineering, and computational and data sciences, all converging to solve the grand challenges facing our society.

Learn more about the event here


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