Posted in Events     |     Jun 09th 2016

Hiden to Exhibit at Zeolite Conference 2016

The 18th International Zeolite Conference 2016

Hiden Isochema, in partnership with Brazillian agents, Lab Solutions, will be exhibiting at the 18th International Zeolite Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 19-24 June 2016.

The conference theme is ‘Zeolites for a sustainable world’ and will be held in Latin America for the first time, with more than 700 participants are expected.

Conference topics include

Ordered porous materials: syntheses and modifications

  • Zeolites and zeotypes
  • Natural zeolites
  • Mesoporous materials and hierarchical porous structures, 2D to 3D zeolites and lamellar zeolites
  • Hybrid and composite materials (MOF, PMO, ZIR, porous carbons, etc)
  • Porous materials membranes

Advances in fundamental understanding of structure and properties

  •  Theory and modeling
  • Advanced characterization techniques
  • Mechanistic studies; impact of in situ and operando techniques

Industrial and emerging applications

  • Oil refinery and petrochemistry
  • Non-oil feedstocks into end products (including biomass, plastics, and CO2 as feedstocks)
  • Adsorption, separation, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and CCS for enhanced oil recovery
  • Novel applications (health, electronics, sensors)

For more information about the conference or to register visit the event website.

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