Glossary: Horváth-Kawazoe (HK) Method

The Horváth-Kawazoe (HK) method was developed for determining the pore size distribution of graphitic slit pores in microporous carbons using N2 adsorption measurements at 77 K (Horváth and Kawazoe, 1983). The method assumes that pores of a given width will fill at a particular relative pressure, which is determined by the use of a 10-4 potential to describe the interaction between the adsorbate molecules and the pore wall (Everett and Powl, 1976).

Everett and Powl, 1976, Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1 72, 619-636
Horváth and Kawazoe, 1983, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan 16(6), 470-475

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