Posted in Events     |     Sep 26th 2018

Hiden to attend JEMP 2018

The JEMP series of conferences are held every two years and provide a meeting place for scientists and industrialists who are involved in understanding the complex behaviour of porous media.The14th edition of the French interpore conference on porous media – JEMP 2018 will be held at La Cité Nantes Event Center in Nantes, France from 8th to 10th October 2018.

For the 2018 meeting there is a focus on multiscale fibrous media, geomaterials and porous materials for electrochemical storage. The papers will be in French and English. A prize for the best poster will be awarded by the French Interpore Chapter (FIC) which is the French section of the International Society for Porous Media (INTERPORE).

Topics include :

  • Radiative transfers and associated couplings in porous media
  • Geomaterials, geosciences and civil engineering
  • Numerical modeling of flows in porous media
  • Behavior of complex fluids in porous media
  • Porous media for energy production
  • Imaging, digital porous generation
  • Thermal behaviour porous media
  • Dispersive and reactive transport
  • Porous media for energy storage
  • Nano and micro porous media
  • Multi-scale fibrous media
  • Organic porous media

For more information or to book visit the conference website.

Dr Michelle Mercer will be exhibiting for Hiden Isochema; we hope you can join her there.


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