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Hiden Isochema are recruiting for a Manufacturing Assistant.
We are pleased to present the latest advancement from Hiden Isochema—the IGA EcoSorp is designed specifically for advanced carbon capture applications.
Due to expansion, Hiden Isochema is now recruiting for an installation engineer.
Ionic liquids enhance the capabilities of sustainable chemistry through their thermal stability, recyclability, and use as green solvents. Learn more now.

Dr. Darren Broom from Hiden Isochema will be exhibiting at MH2024. This esteemed event will be held from May 26 to 31, 2024, in

Darren Broom from Hiden Isochema will be participating in the upcoming CPM 9, May 19-2222, 2024, in Delray Beach, USA.

Michelle Mercer from Mercer Instruments will be exhibiting at GFEC 2024, the annual meeting of the Société Francophone d'Étude des Carbones (SFEC) from 13th-16th

John Bullis from QuantaPhi Corporation will be representing Hiden Isochema at NAMS 2024.
Hiden Isochema participated in the recent UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Community Spring Conference in Manchester.
Hiden Isochema Engineer, Michael Harrison, recently travelled to Taiwan to install a XEMIS for NTUST, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Hiden Isochema instruments play a pivotal role in carbon capture research by providing accurate data on how potential carbon capture materials, such as metal-organic

Hiden Isochema is excited to be exhibiting at or sponsoring the industry's key events throughout 2024. Take a look at our latest schedule.
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