Many more studies were published in 2017 which include measurements performed on Hiden Isochema instruments.
More studies are published which include measurements performed on a XEMIS sorption analyzers.

In a paper published recently in Advanced Materials, the unique capabilities of the XEMIS sorption analyzer were used to investigate gas separation by a

An article featuring high pressure methane adsorption data measured for a MOF at multiple temperatures has just been published in JACS.

Earlier this year we saw the publication of the first XEMIS data in a peer reviewed journal from Prof. Robert Mokaya and his group

The final report of the Measurement Needs in the Adsorption Sciences workshop held at NIST last November is now available.
We take a look at some of the new data from our ABR breakthrough systems
Simon Owens, University of Bath, presented the latest data from the bespoke Hiden Isochema Isotope exchange appartatus at MH2014.

A paper published recently in RSC Advances demonstrates the ability of IGA instruments to accurately and reproducibly measure gas solubilities in ionic liquids at

We are delighted to see yet more high quality research being published in top-tier journals featuring Hiden Isochema instruments. Recently published in the journal

At the end of this, the first full year of our new blog, we have decided to take a look back at some of

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