Posted in News & Press     |     Oct 24th 2023

Journey to Rio: Installing the XEMIS for Advanced CO₂ Capture Studies

Hiden Isochema engineer, Calvin Debique, recently travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to install a XEMIS for CarbonAir Energy located in the Laboratory of Hydrocarbon Reactivity, Biomass and Catalysis (LARHCO) in UFRJ.


















The XEMIS coupled to a Hiden Analytical DSMS mass spectrometer will enable the simulation of CO₂ capture in different gas compositions and process conditions.  The integration of the masses will provide more advanced studies of the adsorbent materials developed by CarbonAir Energy, bringing simulations closer to the real conditions of capturing CO₂ directly from the air and from emission sources.  

The CarbonAir team received  technical training on the newly installed instrument. This training ensures that they are not just equipped with the right tools but also possess the expertise to utilize them to their maximum potential.

We eagerly await the breakthroughs that will inch us closer to a sustainable future!

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