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NEW: Automated Binary Gas Sorption Analyzer

Hiden Isochema’s new IGA-003-MC gravimetric gas sorption analyzer – featuring a specially designed reactor and dynamic sampling mass spectrometer – has been designed to accurately determine binary gas sorption isotherms.

Measuring multicomponent gas sorption equilibria is essential to characterize and assess adsorbents for applications such as N2 and O2 production from air, natural gas upgrading, and H2 purification. Both partial adsorbed quantities and selectivities, as a function of gas molar fraction, are required to accurately model such separation and purification processes. Traditional multicomponent methods are often time consuming and require large samples, but fast and accurate measurements, on only a few grams of material, are now possible using Hiden Isochema’s newly developed Integral Mass Balance (IMB) method.

Using the Integral Mass Balance (IMB) method, both partial uptakes and sorbate selectivities can be rapidly and accurately measured at different temperatures, pressures and compositions. This information is required to assess adsorbents for separation applications, such as N2 and O2 production from air, natural gas upgrading, and H2 purification, but measurements are often time-consuming and require large samples. The IMB method, however, is fast, accurate and needs only a few grams of sample.

IMB measurements are made by flowing controlled gas mixtures over a sample, suspended from the IGA microbalance. Inlet flow rates and the outlet gas composition are then combined with in-situ gravimetric data to calculate the partial uptake of each gas – as well as the total uptake – as a function of molar fraction. Full time-dependent data is recorded and analysed to ensure steady state conditions are achieved at each step of the measurement.

Key features:

  • Unique IMB method used to measure binary gas adsorption isotherms
  • Single component and binary data can be determined in one experiment
  • Only a few grams of sample required
  • Precise control of pressure, composition and temperature conditions
  • Fully automated operation, including integrated mass flow and MS calibration routines

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