Posted in News & Press     |     May 29th 2015

View new technical articles on AZOM!

Hiden Isochema now features on the A to Z of Materials (AZOM) website.

Screenshot of Hiden Isochema's profile on AZoM

This gives our customers and potential customers another platform on which to find out more about our instruments. Hiden Isochema’s profile here has detailed information on our instruments and also features a selection of technical articles on a range of subjects including:

“In-situ Neutron Scattering Gas Delivery and Measurement Systems from Hiden Isochema”

“Measuring the Sorption of Hydrogen, Methane and Sulfur Dioxide using the XEMIS Microbalance”

“Determining the Adsorption of Methane by Activated Carbon using the IMI-HTP”

“Determining the Hydrogen Sorption Properties of Na-X Zeolite at a Range of Temperatures using the IGA-001”

New articles are being added regularly.

Visit AZOM to find out more.

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