Binary gas sorption analyzer

Gravimetric sorption analyzer for binary gas sorption analysis using the IMB method

Benefits of IGA-003-MC
  • Unique IMB method used to measure binary gas adsorption isotherms
  • Single component and binary equilibria measured in one experiment
  • Only a few grams of sample required
  • Precise control of pressure, composition and temperature conditions
  • Fully automated operation, including integrated mass flow and MS calibration routines
Introducing IGA-003-MC

The IGA-003-MC is a turnkey system for binary sorption analysis using Hiden Isochema’s IMB (Integral Mass Balance) analysis technique. Featuring a gravimetric analyzer, coupled mass spectrometer, and an optimized gas delivery and sampling system.

Key features
  • Dynamic mode gas delivery with gas flow calibration
  • Dedicated sample reactor with combi bath / heater for sample thermostatting
  • Optimized sampling interface with a close-coupled Hiden mass spectrometer
  • Recommended sample size is 2-3 grams for operation in the pressure range 0.5 bar to 10 bar
  • Unique IMB method for partial uptake determination
The IMB Method

In the IMB method, a controlled gas mixture flows over a sample suspended from the IGA microbalance and the gas composition at the outlet is determined using a mass spectrometer (MS). Inlet flow rates and outlet gas composition are then combined with in-situ gravimetric data to calculate the partial uptake of each gas – as well as total uptake – as a function of molar fraction. Full time-dependent data is recorded and analyzed to ensure steady state conditions are achieved at each step of the measurement. The IMB method is unique to Hiden Isochema’s IGA-003-MC binary gas sorption analyzer.

Application Data
  • Kinetic data measured for a binary nitrogen and carbon dioxide adsorption isotherm using the IMB method, showing the inlet and outlet mole fractions of each component.

  • Kinetic data measured for a binary nitrogen and carbon dioxide adsorption isotherm, showing the total adsorbed mass and the mass of each component.

  • Binary nitrogen and carbon dioxide adsorption isotherms for Norit RB1 activated carbon measured using the IMB method.

Resources & Downloads
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IGA 002

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XEMIS Balance

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Advanced gravimetric sorption analyzer, for high resolution gas and vapor sorption combined with high pressure TGA

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