Gravimetric Gas Sorption Analyzer

High accuracy gravimetric sorption analyzer, for precise characterization of gas sorption equilibria & kinetics

Benefits of IGA-001
  • Unrivalled measurement precision, accuracy and repeatability  
  • Complete isothermal, isobaric and kinetic analysis from vacuum to 20 bar
  • Fast and accurate analysis of equilibria and kinetics using the IGA method
Introducing IGA-001

The IGA-001 is a dedicated single component gas sorption analyzer for the study of gas interactions with both solids and liquids. Incorporating an ultra-sensitive microbalance, the IGA-001 measures changes in sample mass as a function of temperature and pressure. The unique IGA method analyzes real time gravimetric data to determine kinetic parameters and simultaneously predict sorption equilibrium.

Key Features
  • Versatile and suitable for use with a wide range of gases, materials and methods
  • Active pressure regulation from submillibar to 20 bar
  • Fully programmable for advanced method development
  • Unrivalled long term stability and continuous weight measurement
  • Sample temperatures from 77 K to 1000 °C
  • Fully upgradeable for dynamic and vapor sorption capability

Hiden Isochema’s unique IGA method is applied independently to every step in a gravimetric sorption measurement. At each step, the pressure and temperature are actively regulated, with resultant changes in sample weight continuously recorded.

The kinetic weight data is analyzed in real-time, and the trend toward equilibrium is predicted and displayed on screen. Equilibration criteria are applied to objectively determine the period allowed before the measurement moves on to the next pressure or temperature value. Each equilibrium point is plotted on an isotherm or isobar, and the full raw data is also recorded. 

The IGA method therefore allows consistent analysis with optimum measurement accuracy and faster overall process times. 


IGA analyzers are widely regarded as the benchmark for gravimetric sorption analyzers and are used in an extensive range of applications:

  • Energy storage 
  • Gas solubility
  • Gas adsorption capacity determination
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic studies
  • Specific surface area (BET) determination

IGA instruments are used in both academic and industrial laboratories globally and are continuously producing high precision reproducible data. The IGA’s reputation is underpinned by publication of data in over 700 peer reviewed papers, including many in high profile journals.

Application Data
Fully programmable operation

All IGA models are fully programmable and the flexible HIsorp software allows complete control over the experimental parameters. Sequences of measurements may be programmed at multiple temperatures and with infinite variations.

Upgrades and Accessories

IGA models are modular in design and allow future upgrades to advanced models. Accessories include a range of thermostats to cover the range 77 K to 1270 K including TPD furnaces and advanced cryogenic controllers.

Multiport Inlet Selector

The IGA-001 is fully compatible with Hiden Isochema’s optional MultiPort Inlet Selector. Available with up to 12 ports and dedicated vacuum and purge ports, MultiPort further enhances the programmability of the IGA-001.

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