Dynamic gas and vapor sorption analyzer

Dedicated gravimetric analyzer for carbon capture applications

Benefits of IGA ECOsorp
  • Water and carbon dioxide co-adsorption under carbon capture conditions
  • Highly flexible partial pressure control from 100 ppm CO2 to 100%
  • Unparalleled flow regulation accuracy via barometric compensation technology
Introducing IGA EcoSorp

The IGA ECOsorp is a new benchtop sorption analyzer for carbon capture studies. Combining high resolution gravimetric water sorption with CO2 gas sorption under dynamic flow conditions, the IGA ECOsorp offers an affordable and practical solution for assessment of candidate carbon capture sorbent performance across a wide range of relevant conditions.

Carbon dioxide and water concentrations are individually controlled, with CO2 partial pressures from 100 ppm upwards and independent humidity regulation allowing accurate assessment of material performance under Direct Air Capture (DAC) conditions. Measurements are fully programmable and can be made at temperatures from 5 to 85 °C, with an integral heater allowing in situ degassing and regeneration at temperatures up to 350 °C.

Key Features
  • Combines DVS water sorption with high resolution gas sorption
  • Widest controllable CO2 partial pressure range of any dynamic sorption analyzer
  • Unique barometric compensation technology for accurate CO2 flow regulation
  • Advanced thermostat design for long term stability
  • Complete automation for high resolution isothermal and long term cycling studies
  • Fully programmable for advanced method development
  • In-situ degassing and activation to 350 °C
The IGA Method

Hiden Isochema’s unique IGA method is applied independently to every step in a gravimetric sorption measurement. At each step, the humidity and temperature are actively regulated, with resultant changes in sample weight continuously recorded.

The kinetic weight data is analyzed in real-time, and the trend toward equilibrium is predicted and displayed on screen. Equilibration criteria are applied to objectively determine the period allowed before the measurement moves on to the next pressure or temperature value. Each equilibrium point is plotted on an isotherm or isohume, and the full raw data is also recorded.

The IGA ECOsorp allows consistent analysis with optimum measurement accuracy and faster overall process times.


A dedicated gravimetric analyzer for carbon capture applications, the IGA ECOsorp allows candidate sorbents to be characterized under conditions relevant to carbon capture, utilisation and storage, with a focus on direct air capture (DAC) and post-combustion capture (PCC) conditions.

  • CO2 isotherm measurements under dry and controlled humidity conditions
  • DVS H2O sorption isotherm and kinetic studies
  • Response tests under controlled DAC and PCC conditions
  • Cycling stability testing
  • Thermodynamic assessment (enthalpy of sorption)
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