Posted in News & Press     |     Mar 21st 2024

Hiden Isochema’s XEMIS Installation at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Hiden Isochema Engineer, Michael Harrison, recently travelled to Taiwan to install a XEMIS for NTUST, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Michael was accompanied by our agent in Taiwan, Mr Jesse Huang from EnYongTEC Ltd.

The XEMIS will be used by several groups to study gas solubility and diffusivity in polymers.
Following the installation, departments received comprehensive technical training on the newly installed XEMIS instrument. This training ensures that researchers and students alike can leverage the full potential of this advanced equipment.
Hiden Isochema is excited about the future discoveries and innovations that will emerge from NTUST. The installation of the XEMIS is a testament to our commitment to advancing research and supporting scientific communities worldwide. We eagerly anticipate the publications and breakthroughs that will arise from this collaboration, confident that they will contribute significantly to the field of polymer science and beyond.

Learn more about XEMIS or contact us to speak to one of our technical experts.

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