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Water vapor sorption measurements are crucial for various materials characterization applications – including the characterization of wood samples.
An article entitled “Characterizing adsorbents for gas separations” written by Product Manager Dr Darren Broom was recently published.
IGA-002 Gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer
The gravimetric sorption technique is used to determine the amount and rate of the interaction of a gas or vapor with a material.
The dynamic vapor sorption technique is a gravimetric analysis method used to measure the rate and amount of solvent adsorption by a sample.
Hiden Isochema is delighted to announce details of the new series of XEMIS gravimetric sorption analyzers.
XEMIS Balance
Hiden Isochema launches its new brochure for the XEMIS series of gravimetric sorption instruments.
Happy New Year! We are taking this opportunity to look back at our most read blog posts of 2017.
We look back at some of the highlights of 2017 and look forward to 2018!
Hiden Isochema introduces the MBR - a dedicated membrane testing reactor for gas permeable membranes.
The autumn 2017 newsletter is available to download here.
An article recently published in the AIChE journal explores gas solubility in Ionic liquids.
Professor Mark Shiflett recently visited Hiden Isochema's UK head office to mark 15 years of successful collaboration.
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