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Happy New Year! We are taking this opportunity to look back at our most read blog posts of 2018.
As 2018 draws to a close we take this opportunity to reflect on what has been another great year here at Hiden Isochema!
IGA Sorp
IGAsorp DVS analyzers offer fast and reliable moisture sorption analysis by the dynamic flow technique. Learn more about this technology's new applications.
A new book, entitled "Gas Adsorption in Metal-Organic Frameworks: Fundamentals and Applications" has just been published by CRC press.
Original Iionic Liquids
Studies have demonstrated the use of gravimetric analysers in the measurement of water's microscopic mobility through polymer films.
Breakthrough curves are measured by analyzing the downstream composition of effluent vapor or gas that has passed through the absorbent fixed bed sample.
The autumn edition of the Analyzer newsletter is available to download now!
IGA-002 Gravimetric vapor sorption analyzer
Vapor sorption analysis is performed to determine multiple characteristics of a material, including its diffusivity and transmission behavior.
After a fantastic response we are pleased to announce that the delegate registration for MOF 2018 was awarded to Dr Andraz Krajnc.
Hiden Isochema will be exhibiting at MOF2018 and have a delegate registration to give away! MOF2018 will be held in Auckland, NZ, 9-13 December.
Original Polymers
Polymer characterization studies focus on establishing the molecular structure, mass, and morphology of synthetic and natural polymeric materials.
Dynamic Vapor Sorption
The term materials characterization is used to describe the broad processes of measuring and outlining a material’s properties and structure.
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