High pressure manometric sorption analyzer

High accuracy gas sorption analyzer, for nanoporous materials characterization

Benefits of IMI-PSI
  • Optimized for small sample sizes at measurement pressures to 200 bar
  • BET analysis and high pressure sorption over a wide range of temperatures
  • Proven reliability, accuracy and repeatability
Introducing IMI-PSI

The IMI-PSI is designed to investigate gas sorption by nanoporous materials, from sub-ambient pressures to 200 bar. Its inherent flexibility allows both BET surface area analysis and gas storage studies to be performed using only one instrument, while an optimized design and superior build quality ensures high accuracy. Full automation enables pre-programmed gas switching and sample pretreatment routines to be set for ease-of-use.

Key Features
  • Sub-micromole gas sorption resolution
  • 200 bar operation, with 773 K degassing capability
  • Liquid coolant thermostatting, including LN2 for BET analysis
  • Enhanced low pressure measurement accuracy
  • Fully upgradable modular design
  • Gas adsorption isotherm determination
  • Specific surface area (BET) determination
  • Energy gas (H2, CH4) storage and separation
  • Thermodynamics of high pressure gas adsorption
  • Nanoporous materials (carbons, zeolites, MOFs, polymers and shales)
Application Data
Resources & Downloads
  • Download the latest IMI product brochure in PDF format.

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