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Hiden Isochema’s new IGA-003-MC gravimetric gas sorption analyzer has been designed to accurately determine binary gas sorption isotherms.
Hiden Isochema is pleased to be supporting the 1st International Gas Adsorption Summer School (I-GASS) which will be held from 9-14th September 2019.
The 4th International Conference on Ionic Liquids in Separation and Purification Technology, will be held 8-11 September 2019 in Sitges, Spain.
39th Cement and Concrete Science Conference will be held at the University of Bath from 9-10 Sept 2019.
Hiden is to attend CFM 19 in Brest, France from 26-30 August 2019
ACS Fall Meeting will be held in San Diego, USA from 25-29 August 2019.
Carbon 2019 will be held in Kentucky, USA from 14th-19th July 2019.
The 19th International Zeolite Conference will be held in Perth, Australia from 7-12 July 2019.
The 14th international conference on materials chemistry (MC14) is to be held 8-11 July 2019 in Birmingham, UK.
The 4th Annual Porous Materials Conference will be held at Cardiff University 1-2 July 2019.
The French Conference on Catalysis (FCCat) will be held in Frejus, France from 3-7 June 2019.
The 28th Annual Meeting of the North American Membrane Society, NAMS 2019, will be held 11-15 May 2019 in Pittsburgh, USA.
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