University of Manchester demonstrates XEMIS analyzers’ unique capabilities to measure toxic & corrosive gas sorption.
Hiden Isochema product manager, Dr Darren Broom, delivered a very well received presentation at the recent AIChE Annual Meeting held in Orlando, USA.
Here we highlight two recent publications where Hiden Isochema instruments have been used to characterize metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).
Original Iionic Liquids
The Shiflett research group recently published two research articles reporting gas and vapor solubility and diffusivity measurements in ionic liquids.
A new study, published in the Springer Nature journal Adsorption, reports the first high pressure gas adsorption reference data for a NIST Reference Material™.
XEMIS Balance
An article recently published in Nature Materials reported the selective, reversible adsorption of NO2 by a metal-organic framework, measured with a XEMIS-001 analyzer.
Recent publications use XEMIS gas sorption analyzers to characterize gas interactions with MOFs, polymers and carbons.
Many more studies were published in 2017 which include measurements performed on Hiden Isochema instruments.
More studies are published which include measurements performed on a XEMIS sorption analyzers.

In a paper published recently in Advanced Materials, the unique capabilities of the XEMIS sorption analyzer were used to investigate gas separation by a

An article featuring high pressure methane adsorption data measured for a MOF at multiple temperatures has just been published in JACS.
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