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Hiden Isochema is proud to support World Metrology Day 20th May 2014!

In our Spring 2014 newsletter we report on the summer school that we are co-hosting with the University of Salford, prior to the International

We are delighted to see yet more high quality research being published in top-tier journals featuring Hiden Isochema instruments. Recently published in the journal

We recently noticed that one of the published papers added in 2013, by Professor Alan Chaffee and co-workers from Monash University in Australia features

At the end of this, the first full year of our new blog, we have decided to take a look back at some of

In our Autumn 2013 newsletter we report on the launch of the new XEMIS microbalance.

On 21st November Dr Darren Broom, Hiden Isochema product manager, will be a guest lecturer at the University of Birmingham's School of Materials and

Hiden Isochema is proud to announce the launch of the XEMIS, a new high accuracy sorption microbalance for precision weighing in extreme environments. The

The practical adsorption properties of a material can also be exploited to solve problems in gas separation and purification, pollution control, and other related

Hiden Isochema is delighted to announce the launch of the XEMIS, a new high accuracy sorption microbalance. The XEMIS* is a new high accuracy sorption

A new study focusing on the validated measurement of methane adsorption by shale under practical geological conditions has just been published in the American

The first user experiment with the gas handling and sorption system supplied to the Bragg Institute by Hiden Isochema has now been performed.
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